Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days 1, 2, 3

Sorry to everyone for the delay, but the town we stayed in for 2 days had little/no internet service.

So where to start? Right now we are at the end of day 3, having ridden about 45 miles each day, and are in a village called Lisdoonvarna, which all of you must know as the bachelor capitol of Ireland. Every Sept, for 3 weeks, Irish farmer bachelors descend on this town and sow their wild oats with---whomever they can find. Then they are good for a year.

We just came in from the Cliffs of Moher, quite spectactular- hundreds of feet above the ocean, very dramatic. This was only about 6 miles from the end of the day, in which it was supposed to rain most of the day but only actually came down for the last 5 miles- very heavily. We got into our hotel and are awaiting the hot water heater to replenish so we can take our showers. So here I sit, in the dining room where there is internet access, drinking a pint of Guinness, trying to stay warm.

There are 10 people in the group, plus two guides (Wilma and Brian). Two couples are from Toronto, one couple from Atlanta, and two other people from Ashville and a small town in PA. We only need 2 more for a minyan (8 out of the 10). Everyone is nice and are enjoying each others' company.

The first day took us on a pastoral journey to the sea to the town of Kilkee, the second around the Kilkee peninsula, and today straight north from Kilkee along the coast. We will be at this location for two nights.

The topology is a cross between Vermont, Cape Cod, and Nova Scotia. We have not seen too many sheep, but there are a hell of a lot of cows. All kinds, including ones that were mating as we went by.

The food has been very good- much better than we had anticipated. Last night I even had a very high quality fish and chips. We've been in pubs, listened to Irish music, and had the most fun talking to the locals on our rides.

I'm going to attempt to upload pictures, but if I cannot, I will surely do it soon.

All is well, enjoying everything. The biking is good, but not as tough as Vermont and certainly not as hot as when as we had left! Most of the time it has been overcast (which did not stop the locals from swimming in the ocean like it was 100 degrees even though it was just about 65-70). Our tandem is fine, not as good as ours, but easy to use and a good size for us.

That's it for now, so I'll try out the photos-


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  1. Good to hear from you.

    I took Harriett to the Shelburne Museum for several hours today. She really enjoyed it. Tonight is a major concert followed by a gala reception at Barbara McGrew's condo. In an hour I have to deliver a large poached salmon that I prepared and decorated.

    Continue to have a great time.