Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 4: The Burren

Very nice day today- the morning sunshine was muchly appreciated- the mileage on the bikes was just about 35 miles, but very interesting ones. We did a loop around this peninsula seeing some very interesting geography and geology as we went through the Burren- a barren section of limestone along the beach that is spotted with flowers and straight lines created by erosion. We were on this road, passing the numerous tour busses, for about 18 miles, coming to a town that had a great restaurant for lunch. It began raining during lunch, and it let up as we began riding, finally ending about 3 miles into the afternoon ride. We did a really beautiful climb out of the valley up about 1000 feet along about a 3 mile drive with gradual switchbacks and sweeping views- it was actually a 'fun' climb (not that anyone but a biker thinks that a climb of 1000 feet is fun). Eventually, we came out to a Neolithic Tomb site which was pretty neat- it predates Stonehenge by about 2000 years. After this we went the final 7 miles back to our nutty little town that features the bachelor festival every fall.

Diane bumped into Bernie and Coleeen, neighbors of ours at home, who are also on a bike trip, but having not known about ours that offered tandems, went for the VBT tour. We actually went to hear Irish music with them tonight (we also bumped into them in St. John in February).

The food continues to be outstanding, and we are enjoying learning all about the lives of the people in the group.

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