Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 6: Final day of riding

After a good meal at the hotel, we all went out to hear live music at a pub, only to find that it would not begin for another 45 minutes. We went on down to the waterfront, where just a few hours earlier the boats were resting on the muck but were now afloat. Two gentlemen in their 60's were coming in on their small motorboat and they told us that the bay has a 16 foot tide, and then we had a great time discussing things with them as well as Alan and Bruce from Toronto. One of them was a top military man in the British air force in the Faulklands War. The other taught Alan and Bruce how to tie a good knot. It was all pretty comic and interesting.

The music was fantastic- even one of our riders, Mike from Atlanta, sat down and played with them for awhile. The bar was small and packed, very authentic.

The ride down to our current hotel was in two parts- the first 30 miles took us along some rolling roads to Ennis, where we began the trip. Diane and 3 others decided not to ride the rest of the way (another 22), so I took one of the unused bikes and set out with Alan, Thea, Mike and Katie for the rest of the journey. We went right along, staying together, and we zipped right into Bunratty at a pretty fast clip.

Its our last night together so it will be a bit bittersweet. We've really enjoyed everyone's company. The sites have been so beautiful, and some of the roads so idyllic it is hard to put into words, especially the small country lanes that went on for miles.

On to London tomorrow, where we will be met by Ruth's husband Stuart to bring us to their house.

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